Good Business Practices


Before you apply to get a FDW, visit MOM website for comprehensive guidelines . The EA should advise you as an employer on the folllowing:

  1. Not an undischarged Bankrupt

  2. Above 21 years old

  3. Joint Income / Sponsorship – minimum income $30,000 (check with MOM for more details)

  4. Attend Employer Orientation Program.

  5. Levy - Normal $265, Concession $120 (children/aged parents, disability)



Your EA should assist you by providing the following:

  1. Specify job scope with clarity and accuracy

  2. Match your requirements with a potential FDW with relevant experience/skillsets/personal profile

  3. A printed copy of potential FDW's local history of employment from MOM

  4. Allow you to interview and check accuracy of FDW biodata before confirming the FDW for work visa application

  5. Brief you on MOM rules/regulations (e.g. rest day and salary in lieu)

  6. Brief you on your responsibility as an Employer

  7. Explain the main Terms and Conditions of your Service Agreement with the Employment Agency: especially on refund, details of various fees and replacement FDW terms and conditions.



When you have confirmed your selected FDW for work visa application, your EA should furnish you with the following documents:

  1. Application Form

  2. Standard MOM Biodata Form*

  3. Local Employment History Form printed from MOM*

  4. Standard Service Agreement*

  5. Services and Fees Schedule*

  6. Salary and Placement Fee Repayment Schedule
  7. Job Offer

  8. Employment Contract (Only Filipino and Indonesian FDW applications)

  9. Standard MOM Authorisation Form for application for in-principle approval (IPA)

  10. Safety Agreement*

  11. Rest Day Agreement*

  12. Receipts and Records of all payments and refunds to you and the FDW* according to MOM requirement

* MOM mandatory forms and records. The EA is required by law to comply.