Why Engage An Agency?

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Finding a suitable FDW to match your needs is the most important decision. Once the FDW has been selected, the EA processes the FDW into Singapore  to work. Engaging an EA saves you time and money, and the inconvenience of running around to get this done. In the event that the FDW is not suitable, most EAs will provide a replacement for free or at a fee.

There are about 600 active licensed FDW EAs in Singapore. You have to be aware that occasionally there are unlicensed persons offering their services as consultants.  MOM deals with such unlicensed EAs severely. If you deal with them, you will not have any recourse for bad services rendered. From the source countries, this is also considered as an act of human trafficking.

For list of EAs, please refer to:

  1. AEA(S) Members
  2. MOM EA Directory

When engaging the services of the EA, you should check his credentials for any licence revocation or whether it is under surveillance. If you use the services of an individual without going to his office, you should also verify his licence and registration with MOM. For more infomation....