New Indonesian Scheme

Employers – you do not need to be a banker for your FDW (HSW)! No high upfront fee! No risk of losing the advance payment. No need to worry that she runs away and leaves you with the loan.

Under the new Indonesian scheme - HIS announced on 15 June 2016, all Indonesians leaving for overseas domestic work must use the new finance scheme. This is the only scheme in which both you and your FDW (HSW) are protected. The scheme requires transparency in the amount charged to the FDW (HSW). She will also not be charged a transfer fee if she is transferred to another employer.

The intent is also to require the FDWs (HSW) to meet basic skills and mentally prepared for their overseas work. All applicants will be required to be assessed and certified as Household Service Workers (HSW) under a new competency scheme from August onwards.

To help you identify EAs who are qualified to provide employment services under the HIS, AEA(S) has implemented EA TRUST as a brand recognition. Look for EA TRUST decal. You can trust the EA to provide the services in compliance with HIS.

HIS benefits all parties.