Mediation Services

 What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution which is informal and affordable. The decision to mediate is voluntary and the intention is for parties to cooperate to resolve the dispute through a mediator who facilitate the process.

If each party is prepared to negotiate in good faith and work towards a mutually satisfying arrangement, the mediation is more likely to succeed. If parties are not prepared to make concessions, then formal means of resolution should be pursued.

Any settlement reached through mediation will be documented and signed by both parties.


The Mediator is the facilitator towards reaching a settlement. The Mediator will encourage both parties to communicate directly to enable them to clarify their positions and try to gain an understanding of the other parties' view or position.

A mediator does not resolve the complaint or impose a decision on the parties. The Mediator attempts to get the parties to agree on a mutually acceptable solution.

Mediation is confidential and will not be revealed to anyone not connected to the case.

Preparation for Mediation:

1. Ensure the facts are clear.

2. Make representations brief. There is only an hour for the session.

3. Prepare to make some concessions in order to resolve the dispute.

4. Should an agreement be reached, please fulfill your obligations as soon as possible.

Conduct during mediation: Both parties to abide accordingly:

1. Be punctual.

2. No verbal abuse by both parties. The Mediator has the right to cease the mediation when this happens.

3. Have an open mind. Do not be hard nosed but listen to the arguments and accept any compromise where possible.

4. Both parties will abide by any agreement reached and sign an acknowledgement to this effect.

5. Both parties will keep within the one hour set aside for the session.

6. There will be no liability borne by AEA(S) and/or the mediator towards the disputing parties, howsoever caused.

7. No legal representation will be made on behalf of either party for the mediation.

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