HIS Benefits

1. HSW:
    a. The HSW will know the exact fees charged by the PPTKIS and EA.
    b. Bank loan scheme is implemented to protect her interest as loan deductions are from her salary deposited by the Employer into a Bank Account.                 HSW is responsible and manages her liabilities herself.
    c. HSW does not have to pay transfer fees but cannot transfer more than 3 times within her first 1-year of employment.
    d. After deducting salary for bank loan and EA service fee, HSW has money to remit from first month.
    e. Better prepared to work in Singapore through competency certification.

2. The Employer:
   a. Employer will not be burdened with a high upfront payment for the HSW Placement Fee. No risk of Placement Fee being forfeited in the event of                   HSW running to NGOs or KBRI.
   b. HSW Competency Certification (HCC). HSW will have the basic skills to start working for employer on arrival. Better Job Matching. There will be less              HSW transfers.

    a. PPTKIS fee is close to present industry level and is acceptable.
    b. Working capital is available from the Bank Scheme.
    c. The fee amount provided to PPTKIS covers existing arrangement with sponsor but it will be progressively being reduced by the Indonesian Government.
    d. The practice of HSWs shifting from one PPTKIS to another will be controlled – lowering the loss and risk
    e. PPTKIS will have increased business as more HSWs will prefer to be recruited through the correct channel.

4. EA:
    a. Protected Service Fee payable in 20 equal monthly instalments.
    b. EA will be protected from HSW going to another EA for transfer as she still must pay the first EA the Service Fee.
    c. HSW has less incentive to transfer and use another EA.
    d. EA’s advance payments or deposits for biodata are protected by the bank scheme. Their business risk is reduced.
    e. HSW and EA are protected from Employer’s unfair repatriation as the Employer is contractually bound to compensate for outstanding HSW loan and EA         Service Fee in the Employment Contract.

5. Bank:
    a. AEA(S) and EA will work closely with the Financial Institution to ensure HSW receives her salary to repay the bank loan.

6. All Parties:
    a. Can refer to AEA(S) Mediation Centre to resolve disputes.
    b. EA will deliver quality services to the Employers and HSWs.
    c. The success of the scheme will ensure long term supply and remove destructive hyper competition.
    d. The PPTKIS and EA will have their fair earnings for services rendered to the HSW.