AEA(S) has embarked on an industry transformation initiative to implement professionalism for the EA and change their business model to a service-delivery focused; and reposition Singapore to get more and better FDWs(HSW). This transformation is necessary as the industry faces many challenges from rapid changes in the regulatory environment by MOM and FDW (HSW) source countries, and increasing competitive demand for FDWs (HSW) from the region.

To complement HIS, AEA(S) will launch EA TRUST as the professional certification for EAs. EA TRUST provides the compliance and best practices framework for Singapore EAs so that source country is assured that their terms and conditions of employment services for HSW are adhere to. EA TRUST is specific to each country. We are pleased to announce the launch of EA TRUST (Indonesia) on the 9 June 2016 with the first batch of 89 EAs successfully certified. Our aim is to create a branding for the EAs so that employers and HSWs can recognise those whom they can trust to do business with for Indonesia.

EA TRUST has two facets:

  1. Supply: EA qualified by EA TRUST must comply with a set of requirements under the HIS. This is to ensure that the HSWs can trust the participating suppliers and EAs to provide employment services according to Indonesian regulations.

  2. Demand: Employers can now trust that EAs qualified by EA TRUST have best business practices to ensure transparency in their fees and services. Later, a training and assessment scheme will be put in place to ensure that HSWs have basic skills and are mentally prepared to work in Singapore homes. This is to support the EAs in best practices and to be able to do job matching between HSW and Employer effectively.

HIS has implemented a new set of standard agreements. Any disputes amongst the parties (EA-HSW-Employer) must be referred to AEA(S) Mediation Centre or AMC for mediation and resolution.

For enquiries, please write to ea.trust@hisadmin.biz