EA Portal

INTEGRA EA Portal is an approved AEA(S) service to improve productivity. The application was developed with the support of a grant from SPRING and IDA. The business application supports:

  • Record keeping for FDW biodata and Employer.
  • Track all FDW deployment, termination and replacement in a 2 year Sales Agreement.
  • Allow printing of receipts for Employer and FDW in compliance with MOM regulations.
  • Print all the required MOM forms and also other forms as a matter of good business practice.
  • Provide real time reports on sales collection, FDW deployment and status.
  • Support single and multi branch EAs.

 For more details, please contact AEA(S) or Ordixa.

INTEGRA EA Portal is a sales order management to improve business control and productivity. (SaaS) INTEGRA is developed with the expertise contributed by Singapore's EAs of different sizes and is an approved AEA(S) service. It incorporates industry best practices and is flexible enough to suit varying requirements of EAs. It is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) so that you can access your office from anywhere, anytime. Yet your data is well protected in a Telco grade datacentre.