Industry Transformation

Transformation: AEA(S) embarked on an industry transformation initiative to implement professionalism for the EAs, change their business model to one that is service delivery focused and reposition Singapore to get more and better FDWs. This transformation is necessary as the industry faces many challenges from rapid changes in the regulatory environment by MOM and FDW source countries, and increasing competitive demand for FDWs from the region and Middle East. The forecast for Singapore is also more FDWs from 200,000 to 300,000 by 2030. The EA industry that has evolved for more than 30 years now needs to change fundamentally so that the EAs can deal with the challenges and level up to serve their customers better.

The industry transformation has to make use IT for higher productivity and to empower the EAs. The EA Portal that was conceived for the previous accreditation scheme has been improved to assist EAs to comply with MOM licensing requirements. AEA(S) will conduct a new Professionalism course to train EA personnel from Feb 2014. All these initiatives are supported by generous government grant schemes from IDA and IRAS.

The successful transformation of the industry will give enormous benefits. With professionalism and better customer service to Employers and FDWs, we can attract more and better FDWs to Singapore.

Ultimately, the industry transformation should increase EA revenue, reduce their business costs thereby increasing their bottom line. A healthy industry will serve its customers better and minimize customer complaints and FW grievances.