About Us

Working with MOM to enhance professionalism in the industry

The Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) was established in July 2002. We are the only industry association representing the Employment Agencies in Singapore. AEA(S) members deploy the majority of foreign domestic workers.

AEA(S) seeks to enhance professionalism among its members to be Trusted Service Providers.

Objectives of AEA(S)

  1. To represent and promote the interest and concerns of members on matters relating to their business.
  2. To promote and foster greater co-operation, understanding and goodwill amongst members of the Association.
  3. To establish and to ensure observance of the Code of Ethics by its members.
  4. To promote professionalism and enhance the image of the Association and its members.
  5. To facilitate the exchange of views and information between members, various government bodies and the general public.
  6. To promote and foster good relationships with overseas agencies and association in related businesses.
  7. To promote, conduct and organize education and training in the manpower industry.
  8. To engage and promote charitable, social recreational activities for its members.
  9. Generally do all such other lawful things, as the Association may consider incidental or condusive to the attainment of the objects of the Association or any of them.