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Published on: 4/30/2016 1:37:55 PM

Dear Members,

In Jan 2012, Indonesia Manpower and Transmigration Ministry made the announcement that it will stop sending maids abroad by 2017. The Minister also said ‘that should Indonesia continue sending domestic workers overseas, they had to be treated the same as formal workers.’

Household Service Worker Industry Scheme (HIS) is an Indonesian national project and AEA(S) has been chosen to implement the HIS as the pilot project for NBPPIOW.

Singapore needs 300,000 HSWs by 2030 or about 25% increase in business for all of us. We need to do the right things, and do them right so that we can do our business in peace and profitably.

Our counterpart in Indonesia – APJATI has entered into an agreement with AEA(S) to support the scheme. Their support is tangible in that they are going to supply 1000 HSWs a month and progressively push this up to 3000 HSWs.

As the only established industry group, AEA(S) knows and wants to implement a game changing HIS so that all EAs have the opportunity to compete fairly and provide quality HSWs, services to our customers and grow professionally.

We look forward to your attendance on the 4th May 2016 for us to share details.

Thank you.

K Jayaprema
MC 2015-2017


N.B.: To download circular - Members' Meeting on 4th May 2016, please click here.